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Jack/Nadia, not fully porny but getting there

Alternate S4:

"Whisper To A Scream (Birds Fly)"


They're on a mission in Santiago, Jack talking money with a mercenary in a sleazy bar while Nadia serves beer, flirts and subtly tags each one of their targets with a tracker. She's wearing low-cut jeans and a lower-cut halter top; she feels exposed in this roomful of drunken men. Nadia can defend herself, of course, but she feels vulnerable all the same.

When she leans across the table to serve the mercenary his fourth round, Jack whispers in her ear, "You're all right."

She's astonished that he spoke, that Jack could sense she needed to hear it.


Sydney and Jack are fighting again. Rather, Sydney is fighting with Jack, who stares back, inexpressive. Nadia, watching, decides that Sydney would get more of a reaction from Stonehenge.

After Sydney storms off, it's just Nadia and Jack in the break room. She pours him a cup of coffee. He doesn't thank her as he accepts it.

"She'll get over it, Jack."

"I realize that."

"Are you all right?"

It's merely a token question, but Jack pauses. The stone wall can crack. Nadia glimpses the vulnerability she's always suspected and feels both disoriented and enthralled.

"I will be," he says, voice low.


Her father doesn't have a birthday party, but he invites both Nadia and Jack to dinner at an elegant restaurant. Nadia cajoles reminiscences from them both, about the happy times. (They had those, once.) Occasionally guilt pricks through her laughter because it is Jack she wants to hear about the most.

When Dad excuses himself, Nadia and Jack smile across the table at each other – and the mood changes in an instant. Jack's smile fades into wariness as hers broadens into daring.

"Any more stories you want to hear?" His offer could mean many different things.

"I want you to tell me what happens next."

They don't speak, don't breathe, and Nadia is exhilarated that she dared to speak those words aloud.


"Coward." Nadia slams the car door shut and stalks away. When she hears Jack follow her, her heartbeat quickens, but she doesn't turn around.

"Nadia –"

"If you say the word 'impossible' again, I'll –"

"Believe it? It's time you did." Jack grabs her arm, spins her around to face him. Their eyes meet with the force of a blow, and for one dizzying instant, anything could happen.

She breaks the moment before he can; maybe she's the coward. All she knows is that she's running from him, from them, as fast as she can.

"Nadia!" Jack shouts after her, and something in her exults to know that he'll call her name like that, not caring who will hear.


Mexico, a cheap hotel room, sunlight blazing in through cracks in the shutters and heat enclosing them fast. Nadia tugs open Jack's shirt. Jack pulls her hair to tilt her head back, bites her neck so hard it hurts.

Her back arches against the bed, and her panties are tugged away. His fingers push inside her as he kneels to his task -- lips and tongue, a hot swirl of sensation that seems to envelop her.

They will pay for this later, but Nadia doesn't care. Their silence is broken with her scream.

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