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A first chapter, and in english

This is the english first chapter of a fic I posted in french in this Lj.

Alias - Nadia and Jack


Nadia 1


Jack Bristow – there was a mystery. That she had learned at the very beginning of their cooperation, while they endeavored to snatch Sydney from Tamasaki’s clutches. She was dealing with “the Agent,” and only with the Agent, the senior CIA officer. As for Jack, he looked upon her as a means to having his daughter back safe in Los Angeles. He never rebuffed her, nor ignored her, but it was as if her origins did not matter to him, or, as if he did not know who she was.


But given the situation, he had to take other things into consideration; it was the smarter move. She knew he was not a fool.


So their collaboration was born into this consensus. These days neither of them spoke of her lineage and ignored it for the benefit of a greater goal…


She got in touch with an acquaintance, one of Tamasaki’s men. Jack set up an operation without a flaw and in a surprisingly short time. He gave his orders and missions to every member of their team. Nadia never could forget Marshall’s question about her lipstick during the middle of the mission! What idea could have cross the genius’ mind?


The moment caught off her guard, and it was Jack who allowed her time to gather her mind together. And at last, Sydney, her dear Sydney was out of danger.


Their return to Los Angeles was quiet and impersonal; she was very surprised and taken aback by the lack of conversation. Father and daughter merely gave a nod to each other, no hug, no emotion and no apparent relief for Jack… Nadia could tell there was something going on between Jack and Sydney… What? She had to discover it.


And he began to intrigue her…


Her return with her own father, Arvin Sloane, was a lot warmer! She had agreed to work beside him at APO, but especially wanted also to work with her sister with whom she craved to get along.


From now on, she had a family, a family, which could protect her, a family that could care for her. She had new perspectives for a normal life and love, a new future better than ever.


It was this way that began her American adventure…






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