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Wonderful VM fic by Miss Pamela

This was written by the very talented misspamela, who was kind enough to let me post it here. I think you'll adore it.


"Ta-daaaa!" Veronica set down the Leaning Tower of Chocolate very, very carefully on the kitchen table.

"Let me guess." Keith folded his hands and beamed up at Veronica. "It's 'Best Dad in the World' day."

"Nope." Veronica plopped into the chair next to him. "But next time it rolls around, you're a shoo-in."

"People's Sexiest Man Alive?"

"Sorry, Cliff beat you out on that one." Veronica leaned forward and whispered, "I hear he may have rigged the vote."

Keith sighed. "Damn that man, with his classic good looks and legions of easily susceptible 'lady friends'." He finished with a truly dramatic set of finger-quotes.

"Hey, give a girl five or ten cocktails and she'd be your 'lady friend' too." She shoved the cake at him gently, catching the top layer before it slid off. "Happy Birthday, Dad."

"It can't be!" Keith patted his head and body frantically. "If it was my birthday, that would mean I was forty-three and that would mean that I'd be middle-aged, balding, possibly a little pudg…" He gave his head a good rub. "Oh. Damn."

"If it'll make you feel better, I could ask Cliff to scare you up one of his lady friends." Veronica leaned her head on Keith's shoulder.

"Scare being the operative word." Keith stuck his finger in the side of the cake, pulled it out, and licked a big gob of chocolate frosting.

"Gross, Dad," Veronica laughed.

"I think I'll spend my special day with my special girl watching some special baseball and drinking special beer."

"Sounds like a plan." Veronica nodded at the cake. "Do you want a plate for that, or should I just get you Backup's dish?"

Keith closed his eyes. "Mmmmm, trough."

"Okay, old man. Finish your chocolate cake and I'll roll you over to the TV." Veronica shook her head and picked up the remote.

"You know, I think I'm liking this birthday thing," Keith said, as he scooped up another mouthful of cake.

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