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Jack and Nadia, chapter two

And now the second chapter... in english!

Alias - Nadia and Jack


Nadia 2


May, 3rd, Colombia, Mitu


The lab takes place in underground facilities, at the end of subterranean dug out in the middle of Amazonian forest. It owns a double entrance security door that guards the heroic soldier against pollution… The room is filled out with a luxury, which only the most Phalange strategic places got.


Inward, a dozen of men, wearing “diving” suits, fuss around tables with modern and technical equipments such as microscopes and tubes and flasks and phials. One can certainly say they manipulate toxic and dangerous chemical products.


On a more outlying table, a lab assistant inserts a device in several lipsticks. Then, he is trying them before putting them apart. The design is recent and the brand is one of the most recognized in the world: Chanel.




May, 7th, Los Angeles Airport


Customs officers apply sharp security rules. Since the September 11th, the security has been reinforced and they except they do not fail protecting their country. So, they search the passenger’s bags and sometimes even the travelers. They ask them to empty their pockets and bags and in front of such inoffensive tools as glasses cases or combs or perfumes or luxurious lipsticks, they only nod and call the following.

Dogs sniff baggage searching drugs, explosive devices or illegal other stuff.




May, 8th, APO


Henceforth, Nadia belongs to the APO team and she is waiting her field accreditation with great impatience. So, she will be able to joint Sydney in operation. They both already share certain complicity and she believes they will be a great shock duo.

Only a psycho-technical test remains to pass. With Jack Bristow. It is him who complicates her task. He is not going to do any favor to her, especially if she has to back Sydney up during dangerous missions. She never felt at ease in his presence, nor got out a guilty feeling of her mind. She does her best to be far from him, to sit down across his chair and she averts her gaze to cross his in their coffee room or to speak to him apart their job. She wavers about the attitude she has to adopt too and that she could say. She does not know if he reproaches her her very existence, as he seems to adopt the same strategy.

 What look can he takes at her, the fruit of a prohibited and humiliating indiscretion? The man does not disclose any feeling – if he has any – and it is difficult to guess his thoughts behind his stern and distant appearance (features?).


He is intimidating as much by his stature as by his attitude, and obviously all fear him. But she decide not to let him impress her or not to let herself be impressed by him. Was she been already?


Moreover, he was bound to hold her lineage against her – nobody would dare to confront him – certainly, it is not a contrite and afraid attitude that would protect her or clear her. No! She will prove she has her own personality and a fierce determination and he would have to affront a decided woman, an entire being!




It is with a twinge of sorrow she looks her sister leaving for Spain in order to take back the Valta computer from Martin Bishop. Before this last gives it to the Baden Ligua. A dangerous and classical mission. During this time, Nadia’s father planned for her another kind of activity, the famous test with Jack Bristow.

How is this going on? Is he going to be a badass, as the rumor says?


Tension and anxiety and bother begin to take hold on her mind as she looks at the CIA Agent from far.


“Nadia.” She jumps slightly as Sloane speaks.


“Is he always so cold?” Curiosity gets finally the upper hand over her stress as she is watching Jack examining a document an anxious agent just went to give him.


“Jack? I'm afraid so. So, I was wondering...are you free tonight? There's this restaurant on Melrose that serves Argentinean food... We can go anyplace you like.” He fatherly proposes her.


“I'd like that.” She tells him, she is really glad about this diner.


“Good.” He puts his hand on her shoulder and shows Jack with his chin, “I'll see you when you're through.”

“OK.” Nadia is en route for a torture session.




The evaluation is long and endless. And, for more than two hours, Nadia has been sitting down on this chair in the center of a room, which light is curiously warm. Jack is behind a desk surrounded by monitors, he is on the lookout of her answers he writes on a pad. A question follows another question about hypothetical situations, and sometimes even disappointing or incredible, without she can tells if he is searching to trap her.


You've been sent to Paris to extract a deep-cover operative. You've successfully transferred him to a safe house on? San-Louis, when a secure communication comes in that you've been exposed. Do you abort?” he asks with a monotone voice, curious about her answer. For now on, he can tell she succeeds in surprising him.


“Well, that depends…” She thinks aloud.


“What's your impulse? That's what this is about.” He says her icily.


“Is the operative one of us?”


“Yes or no?” He insists; she always tries to analyze the situation and to infringe the directives he gave her earlier. A fierce and opponent spirit.


“No.” She gives away as she shots a look at him, aggravated.

“While tapping the phone line of a target in New Delhi, you're spotted by the enemy. Your partner tells you to continue with the mission objective while he neutralizes the target. Do you obey him, or fight back?” Is she…Yes!


“Is the phone system? PBX matrix?” Maybe she can get on his nerves remotely and makes him falter his even composure.


“Just answer the question, please.” He quickly represses a little annoyance. This young woman appears to be independent and rebel, nothing that surprises him given where she came from.


“Why is my partner a man?” She can’t help to push farer her impudence. She suppresses a mischievous grin.


“The sex of your partner is irrelevant.” Rebel and insolent, he corrects mentally. She is trying to aggravate him and he knows that.


“Oh.” She answers him and she smiles in anticipation, she is going to shake up his equanimity, “ No, I would not obey. I'd help her fight him off, then she and I could finish the job together.”


She ends with a triumphant smirk.  But she cannot savor her little exploit as the phone rings and Jack goes out.

When he returns, they resume the question session and she starts to saturate as her torturer seems to can continue endlessly. What is he living on? What can make him falter?


“You're part of a three-man team. Three-woman team, if you prefer. A tactical mission. You suspect that one of your team members may be a mole. Do you tell the third?”


“No.” She is tired and aggravated by his phlegm. He just went to sabotage her goal, he deprives her all her possibilities to joke about her partners sex… And what if it is a sign of respect?!!?


“You return from an operation overseas. While the operation was successful, certain information may reflect negatively on one of your team members. Do you include said information in your op report?”


“No. Mr. Bristow...” She calls him as he is writing. He raises his gaze and looks her.




“: I don't mean to seem impatient, but… I've never done anything that's lasted as long as this.”


“How sad for you!” He retorts her with deep sarcasm and surprises them both. Never, she would have excepted a so ambiguous statement.


And before resuming their session, the phone rings again, letting her the opportunity to analyze his last comment. He responds without leaving her gaze, “Jack Bristow.”


“We're through.” He briskly leaves the room.


Later, she understood the reason of his haste and was very taken aback he asked her to join him. The operation in Spain did not go as planned and the team on place needed help.

It is in the plane, he informs her of the turns of events. Jack and Nadia are facing each other. She still feels ill at ease; he barely speaks to her. Nevertheless, he does not try to make the silence heavy or harrowing between them like he can do with Vaughn. She saw him doing that! He has a gift for putting people on the defensive in his presence.


Currently, he simply stays quiet, not willing to have an interaction with her. She still does not know what is his frame of mind towards her, and so, how she has to act with him.


From all of them, she would have to go on her first APO mission with Jack Bristow. Inwardly, she curses her bad luck.


“They were tracking Bishop. We'll coordinate with Vaughn on the ground.” He says to her.


She hesitates a short moment but she has to ask, “I know it must be hard for you, having me at APO.”


“Not at all.”


“I can't defend the choices my mother made.”


“Nadia, I would never blame you for your mother's infidelity.” He makes a pause, “But there is something I need to share with you. I only do this because of your test results.”

“Did I fail horribly?” It’s her first test with him, and it’s not only a professional one.


“Hardly. Not surprisingly, your ability to adapt to sudden changes in protocol, to handle adverse situations, is exceptional. The results were very much like your sister's.”  Curiously, this short assessment means a lot for Nadia… Only because the results of her evaluation are like her sister one. But she is surprised Jack is willing to share that with her.


He continues as he hands her a red top-secret folder, “Sydney doesn't know this yet, the results of an ongoing investigation. Ironically, this intel came in to me just this morning.”





At last, they know who had killed her mother. Martin Bishop. Nadia has a promise to keep. She won’t fail it.


And she did not fail.


Later, Nadia was happy to see their group being reinforced with Eric Weiss arrival, a cheerful man. Sydney had talked to her father then joined them on the room. She saw Jack who was watching them through the glass door. She would have loved he share this happy moment with all of them… He appeared to be alone to her… too much alone…




May, 12th, Los Angeles, Oil American Cooperation Agency building


A young Spanish type woman closes a technical room door and goes for the toilettes. Once in, she straightens her skirt and tidies her hair up in front of a glass. She puts lipstick on her mouth and throws the tube in the trashcan, the one under the air conduct. Then she leaves the room and lets fall lipstick in every trashcan onto her route.


In higher floors, people begin to suffocate before sprawling on the ground, dead. In the toilettes, a woman, satisfying a natural need falls there, no more breath going through her mouth.

As the first young woman heads for the entry door, she is seeing people dying around her, she runs towards the exit and chocks and finally collapses there, only a couple of yards from the door.







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